Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Creating SSRS Reports with Visual Studio 2008 for DAX 2009

To develope SSRS Reports in Visual Studio 2008 following requisite should be install on your machine.

1. Reporting Extensions ( From Ax Setup)
2. Visual Studio 2008
3. Reporting Tools ( From Ax Setup)

Creating SSRS Reports for Microsoft Dyanamics Ax 2009 with Visual Studio 2008.

1. Open VS 2008
2. New --> Project --> Visual C# -->Dynamics-->Dynamics Ax Reporting Project
3. Develop Reports
4. Right click and Save to AOD
5.Or deploy
6. fom ax application goto Reports Libraries-->Select report project and deploy.

To show report on the content pane in the reports column

1. create new output menu for displaying reports
2. In properties select ObjectType as  SQLReportLibraryReport
3. select developed report
4. Place the output menu on your reports pane to be display.

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