Wednesday, December 14, 2011

insert_recordset with join query in Ax 2009

The ListOfFields in the destination table must match the list of fields in the source tables. Data is transferred in the order that it appears in the list of fields. Fields in the destination table that are not present in the list of fields are assigned zero-values as in other areas in X++. System fields, including RecId, are assigned transparently by the kernel in the destination table.

insert_recordset  DestinationTable  (  ListOfFields  )
select  ListOfFields1  from  SourceTable  [ where  WhereClause  ]
[ join  ListOfFields2  from  JoinedSourceTable 
[ where  JoinedWhereClause  ]]


The following X++ code example shows a join of three tables on an insert_recordset statement that has a sub-select. Also, a while select statement with a similar join is shown.

A variable is used to supply the inserted value for one column. The str variable must be declared with a length that is less than or equal to the maximum length of the corresponding database field.

X++ Sample code

static void InsertJoin42Job(Args _args)
    GmTabDepartment tabDept2;
    GmTabEmployee tabEmpl3;
    GmTabProject tabProj4;
    GmTabEmployeeProject tabEmplProj5;
    str 64 sDescriptionVariable = "From variable.";
    DELETE_FROM tabEmplProj5;

    INSERT_RECORDSET tabEmplProj5 (Description, EmployeeRecId, ProjectRecId)    Select  sDescriptionVariable, RecId   from    tabEmpl3
      join   tabDept2    where tabEmpl3 .DepartmentGuid == tabDept2 .DepartmentGuid
        join RecId   from tabProj4 where tabDept2 .DepartmentGuid == tabProj4 .DepartmentGuid
    info(int642str(tabEmplProj5 .rowCount())
        + " ==Number of rows inserted.");
            join tabEmpl3
                where tabEmplProj5 .EmployeeRecId == tabEmpl3 .RecId
            join tabProj4
                where tabEmplProj5 .ProjectRecId == tabProj4 .RecId
            tabEmpl3 .EmployeeName
            + "  --works on--  "
            + tabProj4 .ProjectName
            + " (" + tabEmplProj5 .Description + ")."
/*****************  Actual Infolog output
Message (01:05:41 pm)
4 ==Number of rows inserted.
Alice  --works on--  Project ZZZ (From variable.).
Alice  --works on--  Project YY (From variable.).
Beth  --works on--  Project ZZZ (From variable.).
Beth  --works on--  Project YY (From variable.).

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