Friday, February 24, 2012

EP and Roll Center Installation AX 2009

Installation steps for Enterprise Portal and Roll center in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.

  1. Install the prerequisite for the EP installation
  2. Run the setup and select EP and Roll center at first stage
  3. Click Next, if any prerequisite yet to be install it will sugget u and select the path of the sharepoint exe to install and configure it at the same time of installation.
  4. In the next stage it will show u the default web site for selection and to check box for configure and create a new website. Select Default Web site from drop down list and chek both the checkbox.
  5. Install the EP and Roll center.
This will show you the successfully complition of the setup. For further configuration follow the steps as given below.
  1. Go to the inetmgr (From Run) and check for new website has been created or not.
  2. if u have workflow on the same server then u have to first create new website with the same configuration of default web site and after installation u have to change the port number of new created web site to another.(You can change the port number from "Binding" option at the right side in inetmgr).
  3. Now Reset IIS.
  4. To check the successful installation of Ep and RC --> go to Sharepoint Central administrator from inetmgr then browse the it and select the tab Application Management. Then select site collection list and then copy the URL and check from browser.
  5. Run The Sharepoint Product and Technologies from Administrative tools (Control panel). No need to change any setting ..just nexrt....
  6. Run Configuration wizard form ERP Administration and check for websites.
  7. Add users to EP if needed.

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