Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Service Tax Hotfix for INDIA localization (KB2554055)

Service tax patch affects only GLP and SYP layer.
When we run the axupdate.exe, it asks for a configuration file.
Then it auto run itself.
Even if it is successfully installed,
It always skips to import the following few classes:
  1.       InventCostInputAmount
  2.       InventLedgerConflictMessage
  3.       InventLedgerConflictMessageTest
  4.       BlackListTransfer_IT

Then we need to go to the extracted files of that patch and find the XPOs related to GLP and SYP layer.
From these XPOs Select only the above selected classes and Import them.
You may find few errors related to the following classes:
  1.          InventUpd_Physical
  2.           InventQuarantineUpdStartUp
  3.           InventMovement

Error may say that InventUpd_Physical is not a class.
Double click that error and locate the Class.
You will find that there are some changes in the class in usr layer.
Just export and import the class.
It will solve all the related errors too.
In addition to these above classes you may get errors in following classes too:
  1.        TaxSalesQuotation
  2.        TaxSales

Similarly here also you need to just export and import the Tax Sales class to resolve the related errors.
Hope it helps!!!

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