Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Steps To Update Time Dimension in OLAP

  1. Open SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio (this is on the start menu under Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and also referred to as BIDS).
Then you will want to select file – open then Analysis Services database. You want to specify the OLAP database.
  1. Once the database opens in solution explorer under dimensions find the time dimension. Right click on the time dimension and select open.
  2. With the time dimension open right click on time and select properties.
  3. In the properties for time in the source field see what value you have. If you have an end date of 12/30/2010 or something before that you should follow these steps.
Change the time dimension to have an end date at some point in the future. In my other case with this issue they set it to 12/31/2012 but you really could pick any time in the future (within reason). You would change this in the properties of the  time dimension. You would expand the source section and change the Calendar  End Date to some future date.
  1. Next we need to check what the time dimension is set to in Dynamics AX. To do this in Dynamics AX go to Administration > Setup > Business analysis > OLAP > Update BI project > Time Dimensions tab. If the end date is set to 2010 then change that to match the end date that you gave the time dimension. Then click ok on this form.
  2. Now you need to update the exchange rates in the BI-Exchange Rates table. To do this go to Administration > Setup > Business analysis > OLAP > Setup Exchange Rates. On this form pick the company that you want to use exchange rates for and click ok. This will create entries in the BI-Exchange rates.
  3. The final step is to go back to BIDS and process the OLAP database.

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