Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Debug Assertion Failed Error

Hi Friends,

While opening the "open transaction editing" from Customer Details Form --> Functions the error raised in debug mode as
Debug assertion failed
The debug window shows the code as Debug::assert( variableName or condition)
For this i debug all the classes and table methods which are included in it and at the end luckily resolve the error.

1) Go to class CustVendOpenTransManager
2) Go to method new()
3) Comment the line this.initMarkedTransBalances(); or you can skip this line while debug this class. ( i prefer for skipping the line of code while debugging the class because editing class will leads to import export of that class which will again taking a time.)
4) The next line of code which includes this.initMarkedPayment(); execute this with F11 and further code till you get window mentioned in point 5.

I have attached the screen shot of that class and hi-lighted the line.

5) Skip all the code execution till this window appears to you. Execute the last line of code i.e.  this.refereshMarkedTransactionsBalances();

6) After this just run the remaining code of classes and you will get the following window.

7) Click on Yes and the error is resolved.

Kishor Jadhav


  1. Thank you. It worked perfect!

  2. Thanks! It worked!
    or you can try to remove the data in the SpecTrans by locate the SpecTableid (505 for vendor, 77 for customer) & SpecRecId
    Best regards,