Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Rebuild and Update balances through X++

Hi Guys,

If you are posting journals through X++ and facing issues in trial balance update you can use below code to rebuild and update balances.

public void run()
    DimensionFocusProcessBalance    dimFocusProcessBal = new DimensionFocusProcessBalance();
    DimensionFocusUpdateBalance     dimFocusUpdateBal = new DimensionFocusUpdateBalance();
    DimensionHierarchy focusDimensionHierarchy;

    while Select focusDimensionHierarchy
        where focusDimensionHierarchy.FocusState == DimensionFocusBalanceInitializationState::Initialized
        dimFocusProcessBal = DimensionFocusProcessBalance::construct(NoYes::No, focusDimensionHierarchy);;
        dimFocusUpdateBal = DimensionFocusUpdateBalance::construct(focusDimensionHierarchy);;

    info("Balances Updated !");

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